Next steps

If you have read through the information on this site and you would like to know more about becoming a follower of Christ (a Christian). Then consider taking the following steps ...

  • Have a look at this summary of Jesus' Good News to supliment the information

  • I have passed on to you here.

  • Read the book of 'John', (or Matthew, Mark or Luke) from a modern Bible such as the 'Good News Bible'. Ask God to speak to you whilst you read this book.

  • Speak to a Christian you know. If you don't know any Christians, then consider visiting or telephoning a Christian church near you. Explain to them that you want to know more about becoming a Christian.

  • You can accept Jesus and His 'Good News' now, if you are able to pray the following prayer, sincerely, from you heart - to Jesus himself: "Jesus,
    I have failed to live as God wants me to.
    Because of this I know I deserve to be punished,
    but I am thankful that you took that punishment for me.
    I am sorry for all the wrongs I have done and I turn my back on them.
    I want You, Jesus, to be the Lord of my life; now and forever.
    So please forgive me for my selfish way of living and for my failings.
    Come into my life now as my Saviour.
    Wash me clean of my wrong doings, fill me with Your Spirit;
    and with your help,
    I will learn to love and obey you as the Lord of my life.
    Thank you for forgiving me and bringing me back to God

  • Tell someone! After accepting Christ, you should let someone know. Initially it may be better to tell someone who will understand the meaning of what you have done, such as another Christian. (In addition I would be pleased to hear from you by email by clicking here )

  • Worship with other Christians at a church where you feel at home.

  • Buy a Bible and read it daily. Ask God to speak to you through it.

  • Pray. God loves you and wants to hear your concerns for yourself and for others. He also wants to hear from you when things are going well.