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Starting again

In 2010 I decided to take up my long dormant Radio Controlled Flying hobby (previous details of which are here, and an overview here).

Wanting to get back into the hobby quickly I elected to pruchase a Parkzone Radian all most ready to fly (ARTF) electric glider. Almost ready to fly is a pretty good 'label' - it was literaly a case of charging and fitting the flight battery! You can read and see more of the Radian here.

Soon after that I purchased an Artech Diamond 2500. This has a 2.5 metre span in is a fair bit heavier. It was purchased to fill the gap on those windier days. The Radian is ok (un ballasted) to about 7 knots but after that it looses the fun of flying and it is vertical up and down nose into wind only! The Diamond is good for up to about 16 knots.

Starting again

Diamond 2500 (2.5m span) and Radian (2m)