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Parkzone Radian

In 2010 I decided to take up my long dormant Radio Controlled Flying hobby (previous details of which are here, and an overview here).

Wanting to get back into the hobby quickly I elected to purchase a Parkzone Radian all most ready to fly (ARTF) electric glider. Almost ready to fly is a pretty good 'label' - it was literally a case of charging and fitting the flight battery!

Electric motors had come on leaps and bounds from when I first started in the hobby, and servo and receiver miniaturisation seems to be the norm'.

Here's the radian after it's first outing Radian

And a front on view Radian

with finally a look in the underside hatch at the small receiver and servos Radian

Well, after over 18 months of use, I thought I'd update this page in the light of my experiences with the Radian. Here are my main observations:

  • Good in winds up to 10 knots - but I haven't tried ballasting it to see how it performs above that
  • An excellent trainer/beginners glider - properly trimmed, and hands off it'll fly itself.
  • Good thermal ability - I have had a couple of flights in excess of 30 minutes.
  • Not easy to de-thermal - I have had several occasions when I was concerned at loosing sight/orientation of the Radian and struggled to get out of the thermal. It seems the best way is to 'run' and get out of the lift, however on those really strong lift days a combination of gentle dive or full left/up stick just about does it if carried out in short bursts (as speed is quickly gained). Air brakes would be a good retro fit.

In 2013 I bought a Radian Pro. Simialr plane with ailerons and flaps.