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Well to start with I used my scanner disconne.   It was advertised at being capable of transmitting on 70cm/2m and it did.   Providing great service to my scanner it now allowed me to get on air with my FT8800.



Not long after getting my FT8800 I purchased a X-200 colinear for 70cm/2m.   This was also mounted much higher than the disconne and allowed me to reduce power into the repeaters and improve my reception of them. For HF a basic homeamde 20m dipole was put up. Initially sloping from 5m to 2m it was raised at the far end to 5m/5m.   QTH is residential and gardens are small, also I do not wish to concern the neighbors. I have recently moved antennas around a bit and this is the setup in April 2009

Left to Right: 1/4 wave dipole for 1090Mhz, 1/4 wave wideband dipole for air band.   Home made 2m Yagi, 2m/70cm Colinear and an end of my 40/20m trapped dipole.

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