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CPU Graph

Version 2.0.2

On a reasonable specification PC there is little detail to be seen on the CPU graph as most of the CPU time is 'idle'.   This change removes the idle element to allow a much more detailed view of system and user use of the CPU.

Edit /usr/local/bin/makegraphs for this change. Amend the updatecpugraph procedure to read:

push @rrd, "AREA:systempct#FF0000:$Lang::tr{'system cpu usage'}"
. (" " x ($col_width - length($Lang::tr{'system cpu usage'})) . ":STACK");
push @rrd, "GPRINT:systempct:MAX:$Lang::tr{'maximal'}\\:%6.2lf %%";
push @rrd, "GPRINT:systempct:AVERAGE:$Lang::tr{'average'}\\:%6.2lf %%";
push @rrd, "GPRINT:systempct:LAST:$Lang::tr{'current'}\\:%6.2lf %%\\j";
#push @rrd, "AREA:idlepct#00FF00:$Lang::tr{'idle cpu usage'}"
#        . (" " x ($col_width - length($Lang::tr{'idle cpu usage'})) . ":STACK");
#push @rrd, "GPRINT:idlepct:MAX:$Lang::tr{'maximal'}\\:%6.2lf %%";
#push @rrd, "GPRINT:idlepct:AVERAGE:$Lang::tr{'average'}\\:%6.2lf %%";
#push @rrd, "GPRINT:idlepct:LAST:$Lang::tr{'current'}\\:%6.2lf %%\\j";

push @rrd, @{&rrd_lastupdate()};
RRDs::graph (@rrd);


and after

You can of course apply similar changes for the memory graph etc.

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