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Early Days

I started my Radio Controlled flying hobby with a very sedate thermal glider. It served me well, took some knocks and evolved over it's life. I haven't got a photo, or name, of the original, but here it is after many years and with replacement wings and having had multiple repairs

I built several models but my favourite of them all, built from plans, was "The Chieftan", a 100s model - here it is - balsa fuselage with balsa skinned traditional wings (3 part, the tips being removable - and here showing some repairs as evidenced by the different colour solarfilm) :

The Chieftain inspired an own design 'Bigchief' with a similar build and larger wingspan. spoilers essential to get this one down for a spot landing as it floats on and on. This was my main model for thermaling, but I often returned to the Chieftain for flights.

My venture into slope reached it's peak with this model who's name I forget (foam wings, balsa fuselage). Flew beautifuly of the cliffs in Cornwall. Fully aerobatic, predictable and a joy to fly.

I even tired 'powered', with an 'Eagle 25H', but never really felt at home in that side of the hobby!!

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