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Welcome to my space on the internet. I am Allan Kissack and amongst my hobbies are maintaining the KISSACK family tree on my genealogy site ( I enjoy metal detecting and over many years have had fun, building, breaking and using computers. I am a Christian and worship at Riverside Church in the market town of Sleaford, Lincolnshire, UK. Other hobbies include amateur radio and radio controlled gliders.

On this site you will find information about all of the above and some others stuff. I put them here in the hope that they may be useful to you, whether that be just as you surf by or whether you are looking specifically for the information I have here. Either way, you are welcome. If you wish to drop me a line, please do (use the contact me link).

  • KISSACK family tree - This is a separate site at and includes information about the Kissack name, those names linked to it, and items from the Isle of Man from where the name comes.
  • Computers - The section of the site gives a little bit more information about the computers I use, or have used, and things I have found useful that I wish to share.
  • Amateur Radio - A hobby I took up in 2008.
  • Radio Controlled Flying - Another hobby, long dormant but now seeing a revival.
  • Metal Detecting - another long interest that has become a practical hobby
  • Christianity - Here I'd like to offer you an explanation of how I came to be a Christian and some Christian links and information I have found useful.

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