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I wanted extra traffic graphs to monitor traffic for specific ports.   So I wrote the modification below.   However there is a far more elegant solution now and it can be found at - I have test this on 1.4.21 and it is a very good solution. However if you want to do it the hard way, this page records my earlier mod.

Tested on 1.4.18

This is really a variation on the existing theme....



  1. Instead of specifying a single IP (ie or range (ie you must specify a port and protocol in /etc/rc.d/helper/ The sample below will record smtp (port 25 tcp) traffic on the red interface
    print FILE "incoming REDSMTP ($iface)|ipac~o|$iface|tcp|0/0 25||\n";
    print FILE "outgoing REDSMTP ($iface)|ipac~i|$iface|tcp||0/0 25|\n";
    print FILE "forwarded incoming REDSMTP ($iface)|ipac~fi|$iface|tcp|0/0 25||\n";
    print FILE "forwarded outgoing REDSMTP ($iface)|ipac~fo|$iface|tcp||0/0 25|\n";
  2. The rest of the procedure is as per the single ip instructions with appropriate substitutions

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