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Radio Links

Some Links to CW/Radio sites I have found valuable

  1. Morse - Learn Morse on-line. I found this site after starting to learn morse with 'Just Learn Morse Code'. It's a good site for practising your listening (dont forget to look at the other morse links below)
  2. Just Learn Morse Code - I found this programme great when I started to learn CW.   It allows you to change speed, spacing and session time - you now have no excuse not to learn morse.
  3. CWGET - whilst you are learing why not get the computer to decode the recieved morse for you.   Can be used to improve learning, but dont let it take over!
  4. CW Guide
  5. - cw-get.   decode morse from your computer's sound card
  6. - FISTS. The international morse preservation society
  7. - SKCC. Straight Key Century Club
  8. - A basic CW operating manual
  9. - QRP Radio club
  10. - G4FON Morse trainer
  11. - Morse machine train


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