Raspbmc - Media Centre

The Raspberry Pi is suited for running the xbmc media server.  A taylored image is available called raspbmc and this is what I used.

You can get it here http://www.raspbmc.com/  and it comes complete with an windows installer (tested here on XP and 7).  You then boot up the pi and with a (wired) network connection it will download the required files and updates before presenting you with the interface.

I have tried installing such as iPlayer and it is fine. Playing local music is also good. I've also tried a few videos and these also play ok.

I wanted to access pi files via samba so set that up (ssh just works out of the box).  I had a supported network dongle and set that up without too much trouble either.

All in all a very useable application of the Raspberry Pi.


1. Joining a wireless network - there is a standard screen for setting up wifi, but I couldnt get it to work. Google revealed the answer for me.  Add a program add-on called Network Manager (programs > get more).  Launch this program and it guides you through the process effortlessly.

2. iPlayer, 4OD etc - This site http://djb31st.co.uk/blog/catch-up-tv-on-raspberry-pi-raspbmc-bbc-iplayer/ guided me through adding catch up TV easily.

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