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Tested on:  1.4.21

The default modification displays the graph tabs with their data name (ie "lq").   If you would sooner have this looking more professional (ie "Link Quality") then an edit of graphs.cgi can achive this.

  1. In graphs.cgi the line: my $graphname = ucfirst(lc($cgigraphs[1])); builds the name based on the graph ident used everywhere else (ie lq) so use  
    #eak       my $graphname = ucfirst(lc($cgigraphs[1]));
    # use next 4 instead
    my $graphname = ucfirst(lc($cgigraphs[1]));
    if ($cgigraphs[1] =~ 'lq') {
    $graphname = 'Link Quality';
  2. This will work for the LQ graphs when clicked.   However on the initial screen, we need to change the lines   foreach my $graphname (@graphs) { and &Header::openbox('100%', 'center', "$graphname $Lang::tr{'graph'}"); to
    foreach my $graphname (@graphs) {
    #             &Header::openbox('100%', 'center', "$graphname $Lang::tr{'graph'}");
    # EAK use next 5
    my $graphtitle = $graphname ;
    if ($graphname =~ 'lq') {
    $graphtitle = 'Link Quality';
    &Header::openbox('100%', 'center', "$graphtitle $Lang::tr{'graph'}");

and that's it