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I was born abroad whilst my Dad served in the Royal Air Force (RAF), I travelled a little bit as a toddler and then returned to the UK for my school years. My secondary education was at boarding school as my Dad was expected to, and did, go abroad again.

After sixth form, it was nearly off to polytechnic to do a degree, but instead it was to follow in Dad's footsteps and join the RAF. As a flight simulator engineer my interest in computers and electronics grew alongside my interest in aircraft and flight. The opportunity to fly various simulators and maintain/fix many computer types was a joy. Forces life was good, I married, we had two boys and served in Europe as well as at various UK stations.

Redundancy as part of the defence cuts in the late 80's/ early 90's saw my career take a turn. Wanting to maintain my interest in computers, and not really wanting to move home I joined the technical support desk of a local software supplier.

Still with the company today, I am a consultant visiting our customers across the UK and Ireland as they implement or seek to extend the use of the property management software that MRI Software produces. This is a challenging job switching between implementing our software and on going support. This includes configuring the software or suggesting alternative business practices to add value.

In 1993 I became a Christian and if you want to know more about that part of my life, look here. The year 2019 saw our first grandchild being born and he has brought much happiness into our lives.

I am a great fan of computers, and a history of my involvement with them is here. I was bought a radio scanner in 2007 - I have been interested in radio for as long as I have computers, but never progressed my interest. As an owner of a Uniden 3500 with some very capable PC software (bctool - sadly no longer being maintained) I began by listening in to the radio waves and in May 2008 became a radio amateur with call sign M3XPZ. This interest, and hobby, progressed to my intermediate call sign ( 2E0EAK) and then after taking the full exam in December 2008 to the callsign M0KIS. I am currently learning morse code and taking a rest from my radio controlled flying hobby to go metal detecting, where I have made some interesting finds .

If you want you can contact me here.

There is also some more information about me here.