M0KIS - my Full License callsign

In December 2008 I sat my advanced licence exam at the Thorpe Camp Museum Radio Group premises at Thorpe Camp near RAF Coningsby. In January 2009 and after a prolonged wait over the Christmas and New Year break I was please to receive a letter advising of my pass.

I had originaly been aiming to take the exam in February 2009, but in the end it was early Demember when my time came! I found the exam much as I expected, somewhat tougher and more technical than the Foundation and Intermediate exams. I had largely studied the sylabus myself and drew on my earlier electonics trade experience. M0HLM also tutored me via email, sending questions on the various topics and marking them. M0HAZ graciously gave up his time to fit me into the exam schedules as I pushed ever onwards from my Foundation (taken at RAF Waddington Amateur Radio Club) to Intermediate and then Full.

Next? CW/Morse is where I am devoting my study now, as I strive to be able to reliably copy and engage in QSO's over the air. I also applied for and was granted a Notice of Variation (NoV) to my licence allowing me to operate on the 5Mhz frequencies. To do this I had to modify my Yaesu FT857D and details of that mod' are here.

Listen out for me