Amateur Radio

I have had an interest in radio from very early days. My first actual radio operation was at school whilst a member of the Combined Cadet Force (CCF). As part of the RAF section we had access to the Army section's radios and what I suppose, but cant remember, was an amateur radio station at the school. I remember a radio (receiver?) called an Edistone and several military transcievers that operated around what was then the UK TV bands.

Later, and when CB became legal in the UK I operated as 'double L' and enjoyed a short period of CB (FM 4w) operation. I purchased the RSGB manuals: 'Radio amateurs' examination manual' (ninth edition by GL Benbow G3HB) and 'a guide to amateur radio' (18th edition by Pat Hawker G3VA) - Both still in my possession.

But I never really had the time and/or inclination to take the step from interest, to theory and then practise.... till 2008..

In 2008 I looked again at Radio Amateur operation as a hobby. Not really having the time for a lot of study, I found that licensing requirements had changed and a 3 tier approach was now available with a very attainable first level step into radio operation. I studied, took and passed my 'Foundation License' over a weekend (with some self study). With call sign M3XPZ I was inspired to go further. October 2008 with the help of M0HAZ I sat my intermediate exam and passed. Whilst still in 'learning mode' I pushed on and sat my full license in Decmeber, to hear in January 2009 that I had passed. My callsing now... M0KIS.

Where to now? CW/Morse are already being learnt and I look forward to my first competent QSO on that mode.

I also applied for and was granted a Notice of Variation (NoV) to my licence allowing me to operate on the 5Mhz frequencies. To do this I had to modify my Yaesu FT857D and details of that mod' are here.