Radio time line

Below are a few of the significant (?) steps taken in my amateur radio hobby

Date Comment
Dec 2010 Notice of Variation (NoV) for 5Mhz operation
Jan 2009 Callsign now M0KIS
Dec 2008 Sat Full licence exam
Sep 2008 Callsign now 2E0EAK (Two Echo Zero Edward Allan Kissack)
Aug 2008
Passed UK Intermediate exam
Aug 2008
First HF/20m/PSK31 QSO with OK1KM (Czech Republic)
Aug 2008
On air - 20m with home made dipole. Some 'RF in the shack' problems that were overcome
Aug 2008 Yaesu FT857D purchased for HF and multiband use
July 2008
Study towards intermediate sylabus begins
May 2008
X-200 Colinear mounted for 70cm/2m work
May 2008
Very first (non-training) QSO with G6RQA
May 2008
Yaesu FT800 purchased for 70cm/2m operation. Some EMC problems on 70cm with in-house freeview
May 2008
UK Foundation License passed. Call sign M3XPZ